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I am Steven R. Davis. I have practiced law in the Little Rock area for more than 30 years. My areas of practice include bankruptcy, Social Security Disability and SSI, criminal defense, divorce, custody, and visitation, and wills, trust and probate. I offer prompt, personal service at a reasonable price.

Why do you represent criminals?

Sometimes my friends and family ask me how can you defend a person who is charged with a crime, particularly when you know your client is guilty.  Everyone who is charged with a crime is entitled to the best defense … Continue reading

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We helped another client get Social Security Disability Benefits

This week my client had a hearing before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge on her claim for Disability Benefits and SSI.  We have been working on this woman’s claim for almost two years.  We presented literally hundreds of pages of … Continue reading

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What is Your Policy on Attorney’s Fees in Bankruptcy?

If you have a pile of debts, you may wonder how can I afford to file for Bankruptcy Protection?  Well, once you file, your creditors will be unable to collect from you by garnishment your wages or seizing your property, at … Continue reading

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Dale Robertson Has Died

The Internet and today’s newspaper reported that Dale Robertson has died.  I remember Dale from Tales of Wells Fargo, an early Western.  He always came across on screen as a pretty decent guy.  Mr. Robertson was a World War II veteran and … Continue reading

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I can’t stand junk lawsuits!

I just read where a Springdale, Arkansas man (and his lawyer) sued Subway because he claims their 6 inch sandwiches aren’t six inches long and their foot long sandwiches are only 11.5 inches long.  This is the kind of lawsuit … Continue reading

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We help people with Social Security Disability and SSI Claims.

We have represented people with Social Security and SSI Claims since 1982.  One of my first clients had a Social Security Disability Claim.  It took us four years, but my client finally received disability benefits.  We have helped people with … Continue reading

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We helped our client obtain justice!

Last week we went to trial with a client who had been sued by a finance company for a deficiency balance on a pick up truck.  This gentleman had purchased a new pick up truck for over $24,000.00.  Unfortunately, he … Continue reading

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A Chapter 13 Client Received His Discharge in Bankruptcy Last Week

One of our Chapter 13 Clients received his discharge in Bankruptcy last week.  When he first met with us, he was several months behind on his mortgage.  His wife had died unexpectedly, he had allowed his bills to pile up.  … Continue reading

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Will Bankruptcy Help Me Get Out of My Lease?

One of the good things about Bankruptcy is that it allows you to cancel leases.  Maybe you have found yourself locked into a long term lease of an apartment, a home, an office or some other property that you can no … Continue reading

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You really need to buy Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Insurance

There are many drivers who do not carry liability insurance, and if you get hit by one of them, your automobile liabilty insurance will not pay for damages caused by the other person’s negligence unless you have uninsured motorist coverage.  You still … Continue reading

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