Nobody likes divorce.  Unless you are able to salvage your marriage, the best we can do in a divorce is to protect your rights.  If you are a stay at home mother, we will see that you receive your fair share of the property which you and your husband acquired during your marriage. We will aggressively demand your rights to child support and custody.

On the other hand, if you are a husband going through a divorce, we will see that your wife receives no more money than she is allowed by law.

Either way, we will work to get you divorced as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Call me at 501-604-4525 or e-mail me at srd@stevenrdavislaw.com to discuss divorce, custody, visitation, paternity or any other family law issues.


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I am Steven R. Davis. I have practiced law in the Little Rock area for more than 30 years. My areas of practice include bankruptcy, Social Security Disability and SSI, criminal defense, divorce, custody, and visitation, and wills, trust and probate. I offer prompt, personal service at a reasonable price.
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