We help people with their debts.

Are your finances out of control?  Do you have so many debts you don’t know what to do next?  You don’t know who to  pay next?   Are bill collectors calling you all the time demanding payment?  Are you facing repossession of your car?  Is your home about to be foreclosed?

We may be able to help.  Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start.  Bankruptcy can give you some breathing room so you can see your situtation a little more clearly.  If you are facing foreclosure or repossesion, Bankruptcy may give you a chance to catch up on your house payments or car payments and keep your home or vehicle.   If you have a lot of medical debt or credit card debt, you may be able to hve those debts forgiven, or discharged, by filing bankruptcy.   If your income is below a certain level, you may not have to pay any portion of your credit card or medical debts.  

You may be able to cancel a lease or rental agreement by filing bankruptcy.

Please feel free to call me at 604-4525 to discuss your financial situation with no obligation.

About Administrator

I am Steven R. Davis. I have practiced law in the Little Rock area for more than 30 years. My areas of practice include bankruptcy, Social Security Disability and SSI, criminal defense, divorce, custody, and visitation, and wills, trust and probate. I offer prompt, personal service at a reasonable price.
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